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Building on the success of its earlier versions, the new Powerwall 3 introduces several key improvements that shows Tesla’s commitment to enhancing energy independence and sustainability for homeowners. The updated design of the Powerwall 3 simplifies installation, making it faster and more straightforward for homeowners and installers. It also comes with an integrated inverter designed to increase efficiency when using and storing power.

The biggest upgrade in the new Powerwall involves its 11.5 kW of continuous power output. Compared to the 5 kW of the current Powerwall 2 and the 5.7 kW of the Powerwall+, this new iteration of the most popular solar battery on the market takes home energy storage to the next level. The Powerwall 3 protects you from outages at any time of day, as well as time-of-use rate changes and net metering changes.

If you already have a rooftop solar installation, the new AC-coupled Powerwall 3 should pair well with your existing inverter setup by including a Tesla Gateway. Alternatively, the Good Energy Solutions team can install a DC-coupled Powerwall 3 to seamlessly pair the Tesla inverter to your panels.

Powerwall 2 vs Powerwall 3

Specs Powerwall 2 Powerwall 3
Energy Storage Capacity 13.5 kWh 13.5 kWh
Continuous Power Supply 5 kW 11.5 kW
What can it power? Can power lights, outlets, and small to medium appliances like refrigerators. Can power 95% of homes’ AC/Heat pumps, pool equipment, EVs, major appliances like laundry.
Site Management Tesla Gateway Integrated
Max Solar System Size 12.9 kW DC 20 kW DC
Solar AC Integrated DC
Install Difficulty Medium Easy
Warranty 10 years, full cost of replacement 10 years, full cost of replacement

Other Powerwall 3 Benefits

  • Powerwall 3Personalized Savings: Leveraging data on your past energy use and local weather forecasts, Powerwall 3 automatically optimizes your energy storage for maximum savings.
  • Sellback and Grid Sharing: Benefit from smarter energy use by selling excess power back to the grid or participating in grid support programs, all optimized by Powerwall 3 for the best possible savings on your bill.
  • Easy System Expansion:  Easily add up to 4 units to meet growing energy needs.
  • Extreme Weather Ready: From high humidity to soaring temperatures, Powerwall 3 provides dependable energy storage and backup.
  • Flood Resistant Shell: Its robust design ensures functionality in up to 28 inches of water, giving you peace of mind during Florida storms.
  • Immediate Response: Powerwall 3 kicks in the moment an outage is detected, ensuring no disruption to your home’s energy supply.
  • Prepared for the Unexpected: When bad weather is forecasted, Powerwall 3 automatically charges to full capacity, ensuring you’re always ready.

“How many Powerwalls will I need for my solar installation?”

If a customer has an existing solar installation and wants to add a battery, the max AC system size per Powerwall 3 unit is 7.68 kW.   If they have over 7.68 kW of solar installed, the property owner will need multiple Powerwall units. The max DC Coupled Input for the PW3 is 20kW DC. It is possible to have 7.68 kW AC Coupled with up to 20kW DC at the same time per PW3 unit.     

“Can I pair my Powerwall 2 with the new Powerwall 3?”

No. Since previous Powerwalls harnessed separate inverters, the AC-coupled Powerwall 3 will work in sync with your current system, however, there are two additional conversions. The energy moves from DC in your panels, to AC in your existing inverter, then is converted back to DC by the integrated Tesla inverter and stored as DC in the battery, then converted back to AC to power your home.

Installing the Powerwall 3 in the Lawrence, Kansas City and Topeka Area

Good Energy Solutions offers an all-in-one solution for your energy needs. We can design, install and commission a solar array with a Powerwall 3 for your home or business. Unlike many other solar companies, we perform almost all of the work in-house, ensuring the highest quality standards. Also, we have our own solar service department that can diagnose and repair any issues your solar installation encounters over its lifespan.

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