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Employee Discounts for SolarGood Energy Solutions offers solar discounts to the employees of preferred companies and organizations in Kansas and Missouri. Our initiative leverages the bulk purchasing power of the participating organizations’ collective workforce to offer homeowners a discount on their residential solar installations.

For employees of participating organizations, Good Energy Solutions will give a $1,000 cash rebate towards the purchase of a solar installation on their primary residence.

“This program offers people who had always thought about adding solar to their home some extra incentive,” says Malcolm Proudfit, CEO of Good Energy Solutions. “Many homeowners simply don’t know how much a solar installation can save them on their monthly electric bills or think its too expensive. We want to make the process of going solar as transparent and affordable as possible.”

The first question many homeowners have about going solar is, “How many panels do I need for my house?” That mostly is determined by two factors: your avergae electric usage and the orientation of your property. In determining how much electricity you use every month, we review your electric bill. It shows us how much electricity you use year-round, how much your electric company charges you and your address. We will take all of that information to build a proposal that shows where the solar panels would be placed, potential shading issues from nearby trees and how much money you’ll save from month to month. If you’re roof isn’t suitable for solar panels or you own a property with lots of land, a ground-mounted system may make more sense for your situation.

Solar Proposal Information

The cost of your solar installation will depend on how much energy you need to generate. The price will depend on the quality of solar panel you choose, whether we install it on your roof or on a ground mount and if you want to add a battery back up option to your system like a Tesla Powerwall or an Enphase 5p.

Every solar installation qualifies for a federal tax credit of 30%. That means a solar panel system that costs you $20,000 would be eligible for a solar tax credit of $6,000. This tax credit not only applies to solar panels, but battery storage as well.

Average Cost of Solar

“It’s one of the best tax credits that is widely available to all taxpayers,” says Joseph Kleczynski, CPA, a Tax Manager at Petrucelli, Piotrowski & Co. Inc. “The reduced energy bills coupled with the immediate tax credit should help homeowners with the initial cost of purchase and installation.”

Good Energy Solutions’ solar installations come with the best workmanship and product warranties in the solar industry. Our work is warrantied for up to 25 years. Depending on which solar panel you select, your installation will be covered up to 40 years by the manufacturer.

We recommend only installing solar on your home if you plan to stay there for seven years or more, but in our experience, past customers who have sold their homes after installing solar were able to ask for a higher price. For instance, a realtor selling an Overland Park home suggested a selling price based on comps in the neighborhood. Knowing the value of the solar array, the homeowner decided to increase the price of the home. As a result, the home sold for $20,000 more than the real-estate agent proposed. Essentially, the homeowner got all of his investment back from the solar array plus the money NOT spent on rising utility costs over the years.

How to Receive Your Solar Discount

For homeowners taking advantage of this employer discount program, you can reach out to our consultants here. Please let us know what company you’re receiving your discount through. This discount is only available for solar installations that are sized 4 kW or higher.

Currently all State of Kansas workers are eligible for this discount.

If you would like to enroll your company into this program, please email us or give Good Energy Solutions a call at (785) 371-1198.



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Our mission at Good Energy Solutions is to provide our customers with honest, real solutions to reduce their fossil fuel consumption and lower their long term energy costs. Our combination of hands-on experience, education, and outstanding customer service make our company the clear choice to help you achieve your energy goals.

Founded in 2007 by Kevin and Shana Good, Good Energy Solutions has earned a reputation for our expert reliable service, long workmanship warranties, and quality commercial and residential solar installations.

We are engineers and craftsmen designing for efficiency while keeping aesthetics and longevity in mind. Because of our installation quality and customer service, Good Energy Solutions' solar panel systems feature some of the longest product and service warranties in Kansas and Missouri. Also, we have more NABCEP® Certified Solar Professionals on staff than any other company in Kansas or Missouri.  To achieve this certification, PV installers must demonstrate that they possess extensive solar PV installation experience, have received advanced training, and passed the rigorous NABCEP certification exam.

If you would like to know more about solar power for your home or business, contact us here.